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Now that your big day has arrived - it is time to find a Photographer for your specific needs. Whether you require the services of a photographer for Wedding Photos, Senior Photos, Family Photos or any other types of Photos in between. You know that the end result must be photos that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Once you have determined exactly what you want, you initiate the grueling process of finding the photographer that will provide you with the service you need.

But first there are a few questions that need answering during discussions with them.

1) Is the photographer going to provide me a superior product without charging me for all of the little things that are necessary to get what I want?

2) Is the photographer someone I can trust - have they shown me that they are reliable and have provided me with answers that don't have an open end?

3) What does the photographer have for examples of some of their previous work? Maybe someone I know has worked with them before?

4) Is the photographer willing to help me make decisions on what photo types I would like?

These are some of the questions that I personally would like to have answered before making a major decision on whom I would choose -

BUT - the most important question of all for me is............................


After all - I will be spending a fair amount of time with them and if I have to tolerate someone - it makes the time spent UNBEARABLE

and honestly - who needs that.


Lets make your occasion a moment to remember.


Give me a call - so we can discuss your event and find that perfect fit.

Michael T. - 605-431-9308

I have included some links to specific websites that will aid you in narrowing down your photographic needs and will help start the wheels of imagination rolling down the path. After all - who doesn't need a little mind push every now and then - sometimes all that is necessary is a bit of outside perspective to bring important decisions into focus. (definitely has some great ideas) (kind of a hodge-podge of everything) (i kinda like things that are out of the ordinary)

Don't stop at just these - explore - the ideas never end - and I always love a good challenge - so what do you have for YOUR IDEA???????????

Also - the About Me section has a bit of insite into what makes me tick - and why photography is so important to me......... Click here to read more



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