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I have been intimately involved with photography for the last 16 years.  Ever since i could afford that first camera - my hands have been forever glued to its side.  Then since digital became affordable - i have taken more pictures than you can shake a stick at..  Whenever i get a chance to use my camera - i use it and i use it a lot.  Digital has allowed me to take those shots that typically (you did want to waste film on). 

Rapid City, at the foothills of the beautiful Blackhills is the place I have called home for more than 3 decades - and I enjoy capturing moments to remember - in and around the region.

Life is short - why not remember it forever - these moments only happen once - and i want to get a picture of it - thats my philosophy.

I have always strived to provide the best possible pictures for the individuals that I work with..... I take pride in my work and it shows in my photos... 

If you desire to have those pics that are more than average - let me create something incredible for you--- call me



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